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The Willows is a flourishing natural burial ground situated on the outskirts of Leicestershire in the Charnwood countryside. The site is run by Chris and Jenny Scroby, along with their children Jacob and Jodie.  Care, consideration and respect  are at the heart of what we do.  Here at The Willows, we are passionate about delivering a personalised service as we understand and respect how difficult bereavement can be.

Since we opened in 2011, we have won 'The People's Choice' award, 5 times for the best natural burial ground in the East of England for our service and commitment to the families who choose our site. 


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The Willows Natural Burial Ground

Central to the site is a flourishing willow tree which seasonally provides an extended canvas of colourful flora, leading to our wheel design layout which alternates wild flower meadows and woodlands.


The western boundary of the site falls towards and overlooks two ponds which support wildlife and fish, this land was recently purchased by The Willows and we are developing it to become an extension of our natural burial ground.


We do not provide a full funeral director service, but we work alongside your chosen funeral director. Some families choose to hold a full service at the grave side, others have a service elsewhere and then come to the burial ground. Others have a small, private interment followed by a memorial service another day. There is no time limit; families are able to take as much time as they need.

If you are purchasing a plot in advance you will be given a ‘right of burial certificate’. This will show the type of plot chosen and its location co-ordinates within the site. To pre-purchase a plot, please contact us to arrange a visit so that you can make a selection in an area you like. 


The site is owned and run by husband and wife Chris and Jenny Scroby and their son and daughter. Our vision is to create an area of natural beauty and serenity that will develop and mature into a fitting place to reflect upon and remember your loved ones. We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs, we like to say "all faiths or no faiths, all are welcome". 

Our Mission Statement 


To create a natural environment for local wildlife whilst providing a peaceful resting place for the deceased and to add comfort to their loved ones.

To manage the site in compliance with a strong sense of countryside and conservation ethics.

To promote and nurture growth of local species of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Where it is needed, to employ the services and materials of local traders and crafts people.

To ensure the company provides a dignified, professional and respectful service during what can be a sad and sorrowful time.

To form working relationships with local farmers, residents and agricultural educational establishments.

To operate within the Codes of Conduct as required by membership of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds. (Copy is available on request or from the website

To comply with existing and future legislation and laws relevant to burial grounds and their operation.


Information about ARRANGEMENTS

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