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At The Willows plots can be purchased as required or in advance. All plots are assigned a grid reference and a 'Right of Burial' certificate. Plots are available in either wild flower meadow or our developing woodland; both areas facilitate full coffin and urn burials. 

As in the eye of nature they have lived, so in the eye of nature let them die. 

- William Wordsworth 

JMARCH21insideleft (3).jpg

Plot Information 

  • Each plot is grid referenced

  • Referencing is triangulated from specific datum points around the site

  • The site is grid referenced on auto-cad

  • Upon purchasing a plot you receive the specific
    co-ordinates of your plot

  • After purchasing a plot you receive entitlement to the land purchased but not ownership

  • Average plot size: 2.8m / 1.4m

  • Ashes plot size is quarter of a full plot, or for a double ashes it is half of a full plot

Information about ARRANGEMENTS

Information about REMEMBERING

NB. This image was originally generated to give an idea of the layout of the burial ground. Since then, more pathways have been strimmed throughout the site for ease of access.  

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