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At the Willows there are three distinct areas; wild flower meadow, woodland and a woodland reflection area for ashes interments.

Please CLICK HERE for trees available at The Willows. 

Welsh Slate Plaques 

These are machine cut, engraved, painted and polished by local businesses. The size of the plaque depends on the quantity of lettering and font selected. Personalised images and illustrations are available and can be painted also. The style, size and content of the wording has to be agreed to by ourselves.

Plaques available:

  • Tree Plaque with a short oak post

  • Memorial Post Plaque 

  • Memory Wall Plaque 

  • Wild Flower Meadow Ground Plaque

IMG_4240 copy (3).jpg

Wild Flower Meadow 

Wild flower meadow areas are available for coffin and urn burials. Memorial posts are erected around the burial ground for the fixing of Welsh slate engraved plaques. It is also possible to purchase larger engraved Welsh slate plaques for placement on the surface of the full coffin burial plot. (These surface plaques are recessed into the ground for ease of mowing twice yearly).


Woodland burial areas are available for both coffins and urn burials. At the time of a full coffin plot purchase, a tree can be selected and purchased from a list of native British trees, which will be planted at the correct time of year above the grave. A burial is available in the woodland area without the purchase of a tree. Trees generally are not planted in advance of a burial otherwise it may be destroyed during the interment process. A small engraved Welsh slate plaque can be purchased, which will be mounted on a small oak post next to the tree.


Woodland Reflection 

The woodland reflection area overlooking two ponds, is for the burial of urns, scattering of ashes and general remembrance of loved ones buried elsewhere (and possibly many years ago too). There are pre-planted trees which can be purchased and dedicated to your loved one.


Additional Information 

Seated areas for reflection and remembrance are possible, but these will be selective and restricted to avoid spoiling the overall effect and purpose of The Willows Natural Burial Ground. 

Substantial bench seats, supplied from sustainable forestry and manufactured in the UK are available to purchase, and can be dedicated by the fixing of a named plaque.

As the woodland develops, bird and bat boxes can become a feature. 

Purchased trees are guaranteed for 3 years, during which time we will replace any failing trees once. 

Our commitment is to manage the planting program and associated costs, hence in all cases; all memorials and services within the site are to be supplied by ourselves.


Information about ARRANGEMENTS

Information about PRICES

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