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News at The Willows 

Here at The Willows we aim to foster a lasting relationship with the families who have relatives or friends buried at our natural burial ground. We will update this page with upcoming dates and information. 



Planting and Memorabilia

We have now removed all of the Christmas wreaths and planting (7 big bags)!!!!

Can we respectfully remind you that we only allow decorations and other memorabilia at Christmas time, after this time our regulations remain as follows:

‘The Willows Natural Burial Grounds Ltd will remove any objects placed in the burial ground judged to be inappropriate to the purpose of a natural burial site. These objects include (but are not limited to) artificial flowers and plants, plastic ornaments, toys and photographs. Also, some of the planting on the graves are not native British plants. Please, if you would like to plant any bulbs, seeds or plants make sure they are native British plants. We will remove any plants that are not. If you are in any doubt about what is permitted at the site please do not hesitate to contact us or have a look at our planting section on the web-site.’

We do hate to remove any items placed on graves, but we must maintain the ethos of our site. It is a Natural Burial Ground and one which we intend to keep as a lasting natural tribute to loved ones.


Conditions on Site

If you have visited The Willows recently, you will have noticed that not only are signs of Spring appearing around the site, but Chris has laid a black track. This is only temporary until the weather improves and the ground can dry out. On this point we must say that the ground is very wet at the moment and we advise anyone visiting to wear sensible sturdy winter footwear.





Take care and stay safe.

Chris, Jenny, Jake and Jodie Scroby